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If I were hip, it would probably hurt

So it’s been some time since I posted my first entry into this blog, which was a deep and rousing exploration of this website, but now it’s time for entry dos! If you know me or have seen me perform, you’ll know I’m 36 years old and frankly, as a comedian, it weighs on me. Yeah…I’m about to get vulnerable right now, so strap in! So yes, age…I harp on it more than I should, but mainly in my head and being a 36 year old comic still relatively new in the scene has its pros and cons:

Pro: I’m far more confident as a performer on stage, because of my past comedy experience.

Con: I don’t like to hang out super late after shows, which can lose me opportunities for more gigs, growing relationships and great memories.

Pro: I have more to draw on for material, which influence my stand up and my voice.

Con: I don’t like Karaoke and/or wrestling.

Pro: I’m far more aggressive with my product, so I just go for as many shows as possible and work a lot.

Con: It’s hard to get it out of my head and sometimes acts as my greatest deterrent.

(As a note here, I don’t think younger comedians can’t feel all of this, as well, I’m just speaking truth to who I am and my beliefs.)

I try to focus on the pros more (of course), but yeah…the cons are there. I often think of Rodney Dangerfield and Mike DiStefano (RIP) who started late, made it late and let nothing stand in the way of success. These gentlemen (and others) prove it’s possible, but reminds me I have to bust ass ten times harder, produce more content (in many mediums) and get myself out there, there’s no time for f**king around.

I recently went to Minneapolis and saw the way the comedy community works and it energized me to step up my game, because no matter how much fun it’s still work. It’s wonderful work, it’s creative, it’s beautiful and it makes me thank the gods of skinny punks everyday I get to be a part of it and that my brain operates in such a fashion.

(Sometimes I veer off topic.)

You might think this entry sounds both whiney and cocky and you’re right, but it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to…cry if I want to.

So in closing, I’m older, I’m sensitive, I love to sleep and I’ll only sing Karaoke if it’s Faith No More…all I need is a white stringed hoodie and I’ll be a real boy!


Greg Bach

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