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Hey people who look at this website besides me. There’s a lot going on the Greg Bach front, so I thought I’d inform you. First, the late night talk show I produced and write for has gone through a metamorphosis! So go to Facebook, find us and Like us! We will keep you up to date on upcoming shows, videos and anything else we feel is awesome.

Next topic: I, along with Ryan Lowe and Stacy Pawlowski am part of the indomitable powerhouse which is called Dynamo Kickstand. We are an original sketch comedy group and are putting together our new show which will be called “Dynamo Kickstand Crosses The Line”. It’ll be at ComedySportz Milwaukee in early May and I’ll have more details for you sooner than later.

Finally, I contribute to the Othy Schwering show, which is a web series based out of Chicago. He tells jokes, has guests and features some of the words I write, so like the Goodnight Milwaukee Show, find them on Facebook and Like the page!

Finally Finally, if you like me, friend me on Facebook, Like my fan page, follow me on twitter @iGregBach, Instagram which is also iGregBach. I promise to keep you up to date on my goings on, because you’re amazing for coming here and supporting me. All of this can be done by clicking the icons on the top of the page. You can’t see, but I’m pointing, so you’ll just have to trust me.

I love you, G


Greg Bach

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